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Gender Coaching for Trans Women

Whether you’re a professional embracing your true identity later in life, or a young adult setting out on the path to transition, I offer an empathetic, listening ear and the promise that I will always give you the most honest advice to help you achieve a successful transition.

What I offer

  • one-to-one in-person and Skype coaching to talk through any difficulties you’re currently experiencing and help you set goals for your transition.
  • personal style advice to help you find an authentic feminine style that reflects your personality while helping you pass well.
  • in-person sessions to help you work through developing more feminine behaviour and mannerisms, from walking, sitting and standing, to group interactions and speech styles.
  • honest, up front advice. I won’t mollycoddle you or avoid giving you my true reflection on your appearance or passing, but I will promise to always hold maximum empathy and support to help you.
  • company and support on shopping trips to find a new wardrobe, including guidance on safe and supportive places to go for your initial steps on the journey.
  • make up advice and suggestions.

Interested? Contact me to set up an initial skype session for us to get to know each other.

Want to know more? Read my latest posts for some more insight into what I can offer you.

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